Change by Assertion

Metrics should also be observed and not set…especially within a contract framework. We are after open and honest measurements to gauge how we are doing and support decision making. If we impose penalties based on failure to hit certain measures then suppliers have a skill at bending the reporting of these measures to suit and hit their targets….thereby obfuscating this critical information.

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I’ve been involved in process improvement for around twenty years, I think I’ve had some successes.

This is a problem “I think I’ve had some successes” ?
Last year, I was having a conversation with my friend and colleague about how we could approach a particularly tricky question, Mike and I were challenged with understanding the performance and productivity of a large client organisation’s software engineering department – this is difficult to measure.
Our conversation turned to metrics and reporting and we were both struck, and concerned, by the realisation that the approach in the software industry to improving the way teams work is based on the assertion that a particular approach is just “better”. Customers should “have faith”  that if they stick with the recommended program things will improve, many process improvement approaches dismiss an evidence based approach to process improvement as being too hard, conveniently ignoring the issue…

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